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Featured Photo: Wild Pony Watching Cruise & Kayaking with Assateague Explorer
Assateague Explorer offers your best chance to see wild ponies that roam free on the island of Assateague. Explore the best spots to see wild ponies & wildlife (wild ponies, bald eagles, dolphins and more). Experience unique perspectives of the islands via the boat tour or kayaking.

Chincoteague Island is the only resort island in Virginia. Chincoteague is unique and a special place to visit. Chincoteague Island is close to the beach at Assateague Island. Chincoteague Island is just 7 miles long, but surrounded by many miles of nature. Chincoteague Island is located in the Northeast region of Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Chincoteague Island has a thousand wonders that are calling you. Enjoy seeing the Chincoteague ponies that are a famous special breed. Savor the simple pleasures of this historic getaway on Virginia's Atlantic coast. Visitors can go to the beach, crab, fish, explore natural wonders, or cruise the extraordinary waterways to see wild ponies and more. Chincoteague and Assateague offer a pristine coastline that is a playground for beach enthusiasts and nature lovers. Chincoteague Island is a place where people can connect with the incredible beauty that nature offers us.

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Roll up your sleeves and dig into a coastal feast of clams, oysters and crabs. Chincoteague is famous for its seafood (especially oysters), but the majority of people know this place for its legendary wild ponies that roam nearby Assateague. It all started from the famous children's novel Misty of Chincoteague - written by Marguerite Henry. Many people have read the book and they dream of visiting Chincoteague Island someday where Misty (the Chincoteague pony) grew up. The Chincoteague Pony Swim is also world famous & draws over 40,000 people to the small town.

Chincoteague Island is much more than just ponies, it is rich in history, heritage and tradition. Chincoteague has a natural world of wonder and beauty that provides all types of outdoor recreation (beach-combing, boating, fishing, kayaking, clamming, crabbing, swimming, hiking and bird watching). Chincoteague Island has a well developed public parks system including tennis courts, crabbing-fishing piers, skate park and outdoor picnic areas. The Chincoteague wildlife refuge that is located nearby at Assateague has an abundance of wildlife and miles of safe sandy beaches.

Assateague Kayak ToursChincoteague Island is a great vacation spot for your family and the nature-lover in each one of us. Chincoteague has over one million visitors annually that come to experience the unique atmosphere of this island life. Wetlands with calm water, a fresh smell of marsh and sea breeze, and southern hospitality will welcome you to this small town charm. Go back in time and surround yourself with an abundance of nature and wildlife. A special time here will bring you relaxation and peace. Fun and adventure await each time you visit Chincoteague.

Chincoteague Island has approx. 4,500 year-round residences that live on the island. Chincoteague Island residents possess the intangible "island" spirit. Hardworking and productive, they are also friendly and helpful. The blending of nature and people at Chincoteague Island is complemented by the international spectrum of visitors who add to Chincoteague's rich diversity, hospitality and promise. If you visit Chincoteague Island, you will agree that this little oyster of a town rewards visitors with quite an assortment of fine pearls.

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"Chincoteague Island" is a Native American term meaning "Beautiful Island Across the Water". Chincoteague is pronounced Shink'a-tigg.

Have fun at the nearby beach at Assateague! Discover the natural wonders of this rustic Virginia outpost. Many people know Chincoteague Island as an attractive tourist destination with beautiful scenery, mild weather, friendly people and a host of cultural and recreational opportunities. Chincoteague is consistently ranked as one of the best places to visit in the state of Virginia.

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